Summer 2024 release

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TV channel automation & playout software platform ready to enrich your broadcasting experience

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All-in-one workflow

Stream Circle is a TV channel automation and playout software platform ready to enrich the broadcasting experience of all players in the media market. Stream Circle is ready to support all necessary parts of channel operations, from managing the content, planning the channel, and inserting dynamic graphics to running the playlist and operating the playout server. Moreover, its playout component is flexible enough to integrate with other third-party systems and fit into the established workflow.


Managing the content

The content management module organizes content by providing standard folder structuring and queries-based abstraction while enriching the files with descriptive and technical metadata.

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Planning the channel

The planning module utilizes advanced tools to make the planning process smoother. These tools include plan templates, static and dynamic blocks, fixed start times, floating durations, and file availability checking.

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Operating the playout

The playout provides a multichannel playout server environment and monitoring user interface. The user of the playout control monitor has full control over the running playlist to control and edit the playlists til the last moment with no limits.

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Enriching dynamic graphics

Integrated graphics automation offers efficient operations with on-screen graphics. It supports all processes from creating, inserting live data, and attaching them to plans or running playlists.

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Business solutions

Broadcasting should stay accessible. With Stream Circle, we can replace expensive and complicated legacy technologies. We are keen to give traditional broadcasters and new players the ability to expand their broadcasting capabilities in a user-friendly manner quickly. Our mission is to support all broadcasters with various needs.

Launch a primary channel

Enter into a partnership supporting qualified broadcasting of essential full-format channels

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Scale up to additional & thematic channels

Extend the linear content into a niche audience with additional thematic channels

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Plug in channel-in-a-box

Take advantage of an all-in-one solution to launch a channel quickly without additional costs

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Integrate with third-party systems

Replace the playout while maintaining other components of your workflow

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Save costs with a cloud solution

Concentrate on essential processes and leave challenging infrastructure supply to us

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Fit on-premise in your infrastructure

Stay with a traditional on-premise installation on your own hardware infrastructure

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Back up your playout

Sleep well with primary system outage risks covered by a second Stream Circle solution

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Emergency playout & disaster recovery

Take the backup to an even higher level with a fully synchronized Stream Circle emergency playout

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Use cases & references

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