Highlights & benefits

  • automated live sources and camera switching
  • self-controlled commercial breaks triggered by external events
  • no operator needed to control the live channel
  • automated operations running via combinations of chromium engine and playout server API

Use case description

Slow Television channels are using Stream Circle automated tools, combining one or more live feeds and actively monitoring data interfaces to produce the final output.

In this use case, it is specific that the operator or pre-planned content does not define the broadcasted output. The triggering events in the form of external data play a central role. They emerge from an outside world and dictate broadcast content resulting in camera source changes or switching the main output to a block of commercials if there are no flights in the camera view.  HTML files running in Chromium engine, natively embedded in Stream Circle playout, process the external data triggers and enrich the camera feeds with brand on-screen graphics. Live data fill graphics with information about incoming and departing flight schedules, detailed airplane descriptions, and sunset or sunrise time.

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Related references

TAKTIQ Communications – Slow TV, Czechia

We created 24/7 SlowTV channel that combines live feed from Prague Airport runway with real-time data about aircraft departing and arriving. This channel is delivered into YouTube, multiple OTT systems and Airport lounges.

POP Airport, Czechia

POP Airport is a large outlet and entertainment center near Prague Airport's runway. They want content for a large screen placed on their outdoor terrace. We screen config that allows viewers to see information about arriving and departing aircraft timely with information about them. Combined with advertisement and self-promo breaks.