primary channel

Highlights & benefits

  • playlists and content metadata are uploaded from a broadcast traffic software solution
  • the media files and additional metadata are uploaded from a media asset management solution and its storages according to the playlist media requirements
  • all playlist and media upload workflows are automated
  • the operators still have complete control over the running playlists, the last-minute changes are reflected in as-run logs uploaded to the broadcast traffic solution

Use case description

Media are prepared and managed by other software solutions – by other broadcast traffic and media asset management – and Stream Circle playout solution processes a playlist and related media. The playlists and content metadata prepared in the broadcast traffic system are uploaded into the playout solution to initialize its media processing workflow. Additional media metadata and media files are uploaded from the media asset management storage to provide all media files necessary to process the uploaded playlists. The playlist processing within the playout solution generates as-run-log data uploaded into the broadcast traffic solution when the whole playlist or its events are completed. The playout solution manages media loaded from the media asset management – if any future playlist does not need the media file, the media file is removed from playout storage.

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