Primary channel

Primary channels represent the essence of a broadcaster operation, and Stream Circle provides a complete end-to-end solution for these highly guarded and monitored processes. Full format TV channels combining multiple genres and live shows from various sources, enriched by advanced graphical branding and subtitles, are usually operated by Stream Circle as primary channels.

Our standard primary channel workflow starts with integration with broadcast traffic software providing playlists, content metadata, and media asset management while delivering media files and other artifacts, like audio and subtitle files. Open integration APIs based on industry standards are supported and customized if necessary. The playlists usually run 24/7, seamlessly stitched together to form a continuous timeline of events over the border of individual days.

Playout operators have complete control over the running playlist thanks to the integrated playout monitor module. It provides tools to enter new items, skip items, shuffle the playlist content, and deal with unexpected situations. The running playlist outputs a detailed as-run log to furnish accurate feedback.

Playout servers in high availability modes usually run for the primary channels, and Stream Circle offers both 1+1 (hot standby) and N+1 (cold standby) modes of operation. The standby servers can run both in the same or remote locations with full media distribution supported by its media workflow.

Related use cases


Standalone primary channel

The playout platform is the primary media storage for all media needed for the playout channel operations. The media is uploaded directly into the playout storage. No workflows depend on external systems. All operations are realized within the playout platform, and there is no need for playout platform integrations with third-party solutions. Playout operators have full control over all channel media, schedules, and playlists.

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Integrated primary channel

Media are prepared and managed by other software solutions – by other broadcast traffic and media asset management – and Stream Circle playout solution processes a playlist and related media to produce a final stream for the audience.

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Scheduled news channel

The playlists are usually compiled for more days to run in a loop, and the dynamic content is added independently and uploaded into the playlist when needed. Automated content selection and prioritization rules are utilized heavily to fill the space. Playlist independent infographics is used to spread information on regional news and announcements, and the operator triggers it. The level of its content automation depends on the data production workflow utilized by the regional news crew.

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Automated news channel

The editorial staff produces news content media clips in a newsroom editing workflow, and the channel content is scheduled automatically using selection and prioritization rules over content metadata. The content in playout is updated when new content is uploaded in the newsroom editing system, and there is a minimal need for a planner or operator work.

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