primary channel

Highlights & benefits

  • all media workflows, content scheduling, and playlist operations are processed in the playout platform
  • the playout platform is the primary media storage for all media needed for the channel operations
  • the content schedulers use the playout solution’s scheduling tools to prepare channel playlists
  • no workflows depend on external systems, all operations are realized within the playout platform
  • playout operators have complete control over all channel media, schedules, and playlists

Use case description

The playout solution is used to manage the channel content and playlists and to run the channels. All operations related to the channel are exclusively in the playout solution, following workflow rules and requirements of the channel. Media editors upload media files into the playout content management using its upload application features or file transfer protocols and storages. The content planners use playout scheduling tools to prepare the playlists daily, be it a playlist composed of individual events or an automatically generated playlist or its parts. The playout runs the playlists according to the specified workflows.

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Related references

TV Beskyd, Czechia

TV Beskyd is regional broadcaster that wanted to change their legacy playout to the cloud version. We deliver their channel in two forms (SD and HD) to multiple CableTV/OTT distributions. They mix scheduled broadcast with live events produced using NDI infrastructure.

TV Litoměřice, Czechia

TV Litoměřice is a regional news TV station. We deployed Stream Circle on their hardware while still monitoring system health and the quality of the service.