Live sports

Highlights & benefits

  • live sports event playlists are uploaded from an enterprise traffic software solution together with all media metadata
  • the playout operator has complete control over the live event to modify, skip, add, or remove any item in the playlist in real-time
  • the media workflow is fully automated with no need for manual operations according to the client’s standards and workflows
  • all live events running on the client’s online platform are recorded automatically with media files ready to be used for online presentation as well as for editing

Use case description

The client offers an online sports event service using six on/off channels feeding its internet streaming platform. Content of these sports event channels is scheduled in an enterprise traffic software solution by the sports editorial staff, together with all metadata needed to process these live events (including rights and EPG). A sports event playlist usually consists of jingles, commercials, interstitial clips, documents, live feeds, and graphics. Every playout channel plays multiple events per day according to the event schedule uploaded from the traffic solution. The playout platform is linked to an enterprise media asset management system operated by the client to upload all media files needed for the event playlists. The playout operators have complete control over the live event playlist. They enter new items into the schedule, change the times and durations of live event feeds, and modify the live playlist on the fly. The playout solution records all live event feeds according to the recording schedule to provide these records for further operations, including online presentation and editing. The playout solution offers a detailed as-run log for every event to the traffic software for post-event processing and reporting.

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Related reference

MTVA, Hungary

MTVA is a Hungarian public company for the Media Service Support and Asset Management. Besides its main TV and radio channels, MTVA runs its sports web channels. The channels broadcast a rich combination of prerecorded content and live events, which are ingested and published on MTVA VOD platform. All the tasks are orchestrated and realized by Stream Circle automation and playout platform.