systems integrations

Third-party systems integrations

Stream Circle, as one solution, is ready to cover all essential processes from content management, scheduling, and graphics work to operator playout. Yet traditional broadcasters apply various software systems to manage their workflows. The most typical ones represent so-called broadcast traffic management and media asset management. The broadcast traffic management system usually processes tasks related to daily operations of planning, EPG data preparation, playlist editing, and post-playout data processing. The media asset management systems manage all media operations, from their ingest to archiving, distribution formatting, and playout.

The last-mentioned playout component is the core of the Stream Circle solution, ready to be used independently with any broadcast traffic or media asset management system. Integration of the Stream Circle playout with a traffic solution and media asset management covers end-to-end content management, media management, planning, playout, and reporting workflows. The integration benefits from open interfaces of all connected systems with the use of broadcast data exchange standards.

The most common examples of integrated Stream Circle playout on other third-party systems are integrations with traffic systems (Phoenix or Provys) or Media Asset Management systems (Iconic).

An example scenario for the use of broadcast traffic management as a planning tool and Stream Circle as a playout is as follows:

step 1: prepare playlists in the broadcast traffic management using all content metadata from its library
step 2: enrich playlists in the broadcast traffic management with logos and secondary graphics
step 3: import playlists into Stream Circle
step 4: let Stream Circle ingest playlist media files from the media asset management
step 5: run the playlists in Stream Circle playout (modify as they run)
step 6: import as-run-logs into the broadcast traffic management following a real run-down of the playlist

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Integrated primary channel

Media are prepared and managed by other software solutions – by other broadcast traffic and media asset management – and Stream Circle playout solution processes a playlist and related media to produce a final stream for the audience.

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Live sports channel

Live sports event playlists are uploaded from an enterprise traffic software solution together with all media metadata, and all required metadata are uploaded from an enterprise media asset management software solution according to the event playlists and media metadata. The playout operator has full control over the live event playlist in real-time, with changes applied up to the last moment.

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