Channel-in-a-box solution materializes the core idea that drove Stream Circle's initial development. All-in-one solution that utilizes the advantages and features of all components developed by the Stream Circle team. All software components run on a single platform. The solution comprises multiple layers, including the end-user application, database server, playout automation server, HTTP access gateway, timing services, file processing workflow services, and the playout server.

Stream Circle channel-in-a-box offers the typical configurations and integrations, including IP-based solutions based on MPEG-TS multicasts, NDI-based solutions using NDI technology for inputs and outputs, and traditional SDI-based solutions.

A user of the Stream Circle channel-in-a-box solution usually runs all workflow tasks on this platform – starting with the media files ingest and their metadata editing, then planning and scheduling with graphics enrichment and finished by the playlist processing in the playout monitor. The Stream Circle platform provides EPG data for channel content publishing and stores as-run-log information based on actual playlist execution.

Any channel, whether a primary multi-format channel, live channel, or thematic channel, is suitable for Stream Circle channel-in-a-box solution. It offers an easy upgrade path to more complex environments, including multi-channel playout automation and backup solutions. What more can we say? We call it simplicity in a box. Just plan and play.

Related use cases


End-to-end solution in a box

The end-to-end solution offers a solution for effectively launching a TV channel without additional costs. No complex infrastructure or further system integration is required as this solution covers all processes from managing the content, planning, and playout operating. The client runs a regional news and information channel distributed to local cable networks and IPTV platforms. Following workflow and infrastructure preferences, the channel playout platform is built as an end-to-end solution in a box using the Stream Circle platform. The client is doing all the actions needed to run the channel in the Stream Circle application, from the media ingest and metadata entering down to playlist editing and playlist control.

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Standalone primary channel

The playout platform is the primary media storage for all media needed for the playout channel operations. The media is uploaded directly into the playout storage. No workflows depend on external systems. All operations are realized within the playout platform, and there is no need for playout platform integrations with third-party solutions. Playout operators have full control over all channel media, schedules, and playlists.

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