solution in a box

Highlights & benefits

  • single hardware platform end-to-end workflow solution for complete channel media, traffic, and playout operations
  • single end-user environment for all operations, including media ingest, metadata editing, planning, and playout control
  • all actions can be done by a single user using the same application
  • easy integration of the playout platform into local distribution networks
  • a straightforward path to upgrade to more advanced architecture, including separate components

Use case description

The client operates regional news and information channel using their production materials and local commercial content. The client occasionally runs a live feed with local entertainment and news content following an irregular schedule. Due to the requirements to distribute the channel feed to local distribution networks, the client demanded a local channel in a box solution covering their complete workflow. The media materials produced by the client are ingested into the Stream Circle media storage, and the client editors enter complete content metadata used for publishing and dynamic graphics. A client planner prepares daily playlists, part of them are manually edited while the rest is generated automatically using content metadata and pre-defined content planning rules. The commercial content is entered in separate blocks to be expanded just-in-time in the running playlist. The content media management, planning, playlist editing, playout automation, and a playout server are running on the same hardware platform.

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Related references

OIK TV, Czechia

OIK TV is a regional news TV station. We deployed Stream Circle on their hardware while still monitoring system health and the quality of the service.