Primary independent emergency playout

Highlights & benefits

  • the primary playout platform provides continuous information on playlists and their updates for the emergency playout platform for immediate processing
  • the emergency playout platform automatically manages all media the playlists require and their changes
  • the emergency playout provides a continuous output feed ready for an emergency switch around the clock
  • the operations of the emergency playout are fully automated and need no additional staff.
  • the emergency playout is built from components different from the primary playout solution to minimize the risk of software bugs and failure replications

Use case description

The client operates a primary playout platform to run its channels. The primary playout platform provides continuous information on its current playlists and their changes. The emergency playout solution uploads the playlists, their differences, and notifications and modifies its internal playlists according to these data. The emergency playout solution uploads media from primary playout storage according to the playlists and their changes. The emergency playout solution is processing media files, logos, graphics, and live feeds according to the operations run by the primary playout platform. The output feed from the emergency playout platform is available for the playout operators around the clock, and the switch to the emergency output is immediate when needed.

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Related reference

Czech TV, Czechia

The national public broadcaster Czech TV, which HQ is located in Prague, produces its own 6 HD TV channels, including news and sports channels. All channels are running in 24/7 mode consisting of prerecorded and live content. Brand new playout center built on modern technology and precisely defined workflows ensure reliable program delivery to their TV audience. Especially reliability was one of the key points which influenced the final design of the emergency playout system (DR) where Stream Circle fulfills the Czech TV expectations.