Emergency playout
& disaster recovery

Emergency playout & disaster recovery

An emergency playout is the highest level of redundancy a broadcaster may achieve in the playout operations. An implementation based on Stream Circle technology may provide significant advantages compared to legacy technologies.

The emergency playout operates fully synchronously with the primary playout, based on different technologies and vendors. The primary playout generates a continuous flow of playlist (timeline) updates and changes, while the emergency playout operates as a replica of the primary one. Stream Circle emergency playout is connected to the primary solution using open interfaces to receive repeated updates of the playout timeline with all events. Stream Circle playout controller reacts without delay to update its playlist to reflect last-second changes in the primary one.

Stream Circle emergency playout can be stationed locally with the primary or remotely, on-premise or in a cloud, according to customer preferences. Distributing individual components like playout controller, playout servers, media workflow controllers, and interface services to different safe locations is also possible.

Stream Circle is a perfect fit to serve as an emergency playout for all major legacy playout automation solutions using advanced media workflows and format flexibility, SDI router control, graphics, and super fast playlist update mechanisms.

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Primary playout independent emergency

The emergency playout reflects the primary playout operations and changes with low latency making it ready to take over the playout operations immediately. The output feed from the emergency playout is available immediately. The emergency playout cannot copy bugs and operational failures of the primary playout as it is built on entirely different technology.

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