& thematic channels

Additional & thematic channels

Thematic channels extend the broadcaster's linear content into a niche audience. Stream Circle is a generic playout solution that may support various additional channels like news, sports, carousel series, slow tv, and music channels.

Content from a newsroom editorial team in stories and their metadata is usually the driver of news channels. Stream Circle can read the stories and their metadata and use its automated scheduling to build a continuous news channel with graphics based on the story metadata, such as dates, personalities, locations, etc. Independent graphics for weather and news feeds in tickers can also be easily added.

Live events and their specific schedules dictate the sports channel program. Stream Circle is ready for continuous sports channels as well as for temporary channels usually used on non-linear platforms. Support for live events, graphics, and live broadcast control is essential to operate these channels efficiently.

Continuous live feed from one or more locations enriched by additional data through graphics and services (like picture-in-picture clips) is the core of Slow TV channels. Stream Circle forms a stable basis for continuous Slow TV channels using its live feed processing and durability. Irregular Slow TV channels with breaks created by clips may use the advantages of playlist editing and automation to enrich the channel content.

Music channels usually follow a music genre-based block structure. Using its dynamic block automation and open APIs, Stream Circle can be linked with any music selection software and provide automated playlist building for continuous music services. Needless to say, this service can be interrupted by live feeds and enriched by parameter-driven graphics showing details on the music clips and their interpreters.

Related use cases


Slow television

Slow Television channels are using Stream Circle automated tools, combining one or more live feeds and actively monitoring data interfaces to produce the final output.

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Live operator-controlled channel

The channel operator works with live feed sources using preview in a playout monitor, selects the most engaging content at the given time, and switches the content with graphics and audio comments into the output feed.

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Automated music channel

The media content is the core element in this case. The content is selected and prioritized using automated content selection tools offered by Stream Circle – AMOS. The blocks of content are then automatically composed into a continuous playlist.

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Live sports channel

Live sports event playlists are uploaded from an enterprise traffic software solution together with all media metadata, and all required metadata are uploaded from an enterprise media asset management software solution according to the event playlists and media metadata. The playout operator has full control over the live event playlist in real-time, with changes applied up to the last moment.

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