music channel

Highlights & benefits

  • playout operations are entirely automated
  • individual blocks of the playlist are automatically filled by the content using automated selection rules
  • music and commercial data enrich the output with live graphics and commercial offerings
  • music clips are selected independently using pre-defined selection and prioritization rules

Use case description

The content is the core element in this use case. The are two options of content sources. Either music content is pre-defined by genre music style and automatically downloaded from an external data source, known as a music selection solution, or music clips are registered as content into the Stream Circle content management with their metadata. Considering the second scenario, the content is selected and prioritized using automated content selection tools offered by Stream Circle – AMOS. The blocks of content are then automatically composed into a continuous playlist.

Live graphics enrich the main output using music clip metadata, such as the artist name or song title, so the audience knows more about broadcasted content.

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