Live operator-controlled channel

Highlights & benefits

  • full-fledged live feed switcher, graphics inserter, and audio mixer in manual mode
  • live feed preview and switching from multiple live sources
  • recorded live content reused for night playlists
  • control of the live channel from any location using the web-based application

Use case description

The Park TV channel uses multiple live sources from local zoos and ecosystems as well as public live feed sources from around the world to compose a live educational channel about nature. The channel operator works with live feed sources using preview in a playout monitor, selects the most engaging content at the given time, and switches the content with graphics and audio comments into the output feed. The playout system records the complete output signal and saves it to files with a length of 15 minutes. The content management module automatically registers the files. The planner then creates the playlist for night broadcasting times consisting of these record files.

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Related reference

Park TV, Slovakia

Park TV is a Slovak CableTV/OTT channel that combines live feeds and pre-recorded clips from animal parks and zoos worldwide. Live broadcasting is dedicated to animals from rescue stations, parks, and zoos, exotic and non-exotic species. The broadcast is enhanced by audio and text information. The program scheme has a daily director who will ensure the control of the cameras placed among the animals so that the viewer can see, for example, their feeding, cleaning, and other activities.