news channel

Highlights & benefits

  • combination of the advantages of content planning and automated content filling in a single workflow
  • an operator plans the critical content, and the interstitials and other content are filled using content automation rules
  • playlist independent infographics with data content automation are enriching the channel output
  • graphics automation gathers ticker data from external sources, which saves time in providing on-screen information for the regional audience
  • live feeds may enrich the schedule file content using live feed breaks in the playlist

Use case description

Pre-recorded regional news content is prepared and edited by the news production staff in single or several media files scheduled in a loop. The loop runs around the clock with pre-defined fixed times for new content start – every hour, every second hour, etc. News clip durations do not always cover the whole playlist, which needs completion into its entire length with other clips, such as interviews, reports, or commercials. Dynamically selected content can fill the space between scheduled individual news clips efficiently with minimal effort.

The playlists are usually compiled for more days to run in a loop, and the dynamic content is added independently and uploaded into the playlist when needed. Automated content selection and prioritization rules are utilized heavily to fill the space. Playlist independent infographics is used to spread information on regional news and announcements, and the operator triggers it. The level of its content automation depends on the data production workflow utilized by the regional news crew.

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