news channel

Highlights & benefits

  • the channel content is scheduled automatically using selection and prioritization rules over content metadata using actual content from the newsroom editing system
  • the news graphics is generated automatically using news clip metadata and external data sources
  • the live feed breaks are triggered from the newsroom editing system using playout solution APIs
  • the news editing staff concentrates on the news stories and clips while working with a newsroom editing system only

Use case description

The editorial staff produces news content media clips in a newsroom editing workflow. The news content media clips are enriched by metadata to be used by automated graphics. The news channel playlist does not contain individual news clips, just a definition of a block with content selection and prioritization rules. The content is uploaded automatically from the newsroom editing workflow environment, along with the clip metadata used for selection/prioritization and secondary graphics. The newsroom system operator may break the scheduled content with a live feed following the live event calendar in the newsroom system. The live break is initiated from the newsroom system using the open API of the playout solution.

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