Cloud solution

Playout deployment into a cloud is one of the most progressive steps toward flexibility and security of the playout operations. As a software-defined and hardware-agnostic solution, Stream Circle is a perfect fit for deployment into the cloud, which is proved by its multiple reference applications.

MS Windows server environment cloud service is an optimal environment for Stream Circle deployment. It may run on a single virtual environment or a network of virtualized servers running in the cloud as a fully virtualizable software solution.

It is possible to deploy Stream Circle in any private or public cloud. The popular Amazon Web Services cloud is an excellent example of a public cloud supported by Stream Circle.

One of the most common questions related to cloud playout deployments is media distribution, incoming live feeds, and distribution. Stream Circle answers all these questions by performing ingest workflows integrated into FTP, Amazon S3, or external workflow deliveries for media files. Live feed delivery into the cloud is covered by SRT or other streaming protocols. SRT, MPEG-TS using Zixi, or other protocols like RTMP can be used to deliver the output feed from Stream Circle to its distribution.

Related use cases


Channel in a cloud ecosystem

In the cloud environment, the TV channel system consists of multiple systems, each of which is deployed in the cloud. All systems in cloud infrastructure provide hardware independence and flexibility to a given TV station. The client is running an end-to-end solution for a channel in a cloud. The solution includes a traffic management system in a cloud, media asset management in a cloud, and a playout in a cloud, while Stream Circle provides the playout platform. All cloud components of the client solution are integrated using HTTP-based APIs applying open standards for broadcast data exchange.

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Integrated primary channel

Media are prepared and managed by other software solutions - by other broadcast traffic and media asset management – and Stream Circle playout solution processes a playlist and related media to produce a final stream for the audience.

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