On-premise installation

On-premise playout deployment is the most traditional way to build and integrate a playout into the TV station operations. Usually, dedicated hardware is a part of the playout solution. In the case of Stream Circle, the hardware base is the typical Intel/AMD-based server architecture enriched by NVIDIA GPUs and BlackMagic SDI DeckLink cards, if required, for advanced graphics and other operations.

The on-premise Stream Circle deployment is usually composed of three dedicated components – an application/database server running all traffic and content management functions, centralized IT-based file storage for all playout media, and several playout servers with enough storage capacity to cache media for 24 hours of operations.

The individual playout servers may run single or multiple channel playout operations in a single environment, both for primary and secondary servers. Time synchronization using a dedicated or remote NTP server is usually applied.

All software components of the Stream Circle playout can be virtualized even in the on-premise deployment scenario. The only exception is an integration with an SDI network through dedicated hardware components.

Related use cases


Live sports channel

Live sports event playlists are uploaded from an enterprise traffic software solution together with all media metadata, and all required metadata are uploaded from an enterprise media asset management software solution according to the event playlists and media metadata. The playout operator has full control over the live event playlist in real-time, with changes applied up to the last moment.

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