Playout server
& monitor

Operating the playout

The playout operator now has a complete set of functions and features to control the flow of playout events as controlled by the Stream Circle playlist service running the playout operations. Operations to insert, remove, skip, and trim the items are essential to all functions. On top of that, the operator can change, insert or delete every primary and secondary item included in the playlist. Needless to say, the operator control screen is running in a multiuser mode, allowing multiple users to control the same playlist.

Playlist overview with players

The integrating player showing the main output in the playout monitor extends the operator overview of the state of the on-air playlist. The operator can use the player in three sizes or hide it completely. With the main output monitoring, the playout operator may use a file and live feed preview player. The preview player shows content or live feeds according to the user selection to check its quality and availability. The preview player is essential for the smoothest possible live feed processing. The live feed is open and checked in the preview, ensuring that take to the main output runs with significantly lower transition time compared to the live feed opening and transitioning.

Integrated manual event console

Not all events run following playlist items. There are situations when a playout operator needs to modify the channel output immediately. Emergency announcements, logo changes, tickers, and other actions are often implemented as these manually controlled events. All events are available in the playout monitor using the events panel placed right under the playlist timeline to be optionally shown or hidden. This setup enables an operator a faster control of the aired playlist. Special emergency events can be additionally shown in the emergency menu of the playout monitor. Manual control events are configured individually according to the operator's or channel processes' specific needs.