Managing the content

Various content – such as video and audio files, live feeds, images, subtitles, and graphic files – can be accessed, operated, and organized by the content management module. It provides standard folder organization and sorting of content via virtual folder queries to level up the file's management by its usage or characteristics. Using integrated content management tools, the files can be described with classificatory and technical metadata. Soft-segmentation editor combined with a low-resolution preview allows video editing in content management.

Folder organization

The folder structure is the first layer of content management to mention. Stream Circle content management supports standard local directories, remote and virtual folders. Virtual folders are filled with content based on queries. Queries can be composed of basic characteristics, such as file format or duration, and more detailed information, such as file name, genre, tagging, and other technical or descriptive information.

File details

Another layer of content management contains descriptive data of individual files. The technical description of the files according to their format or the descriptive data is stored in the detail of the given file and can be used for dynamic insertion into schedules based on predefined rules or for filling enriching graphics with live data. Technical metadata of any file is uploaded from the file itself using automated tools.

File segmentation

Want to adjust file duration by moving the start or end-offset or to split a video file into two or more parts to intersperse the clip with commercials in your plan later? No problem to perform these operations directly in the detail of the file registered in content management. The segmentation tool makes it possible to effectively create segments of a given clip using a low-resolution preview and entering precise time codes.