IBC Show 2023

Meet Stream Circle at IBC 2023

We are thrilled to express an invitation to you for the upcoming IBC 2023 This year, we are particularly excited to present our extensions and changes in the Stream Circle Playout Automation technology, poised to redefine the way content is managed and delivered.

In the dynamic world of broadcasting, precision and flexibility are paramount. Our latest Stream Circle releases bring a suite of features designed to empower broadcasters in their everyday operations. Say hello to live preview, an intuitive tool that allows real-time content assessment before airing. Seamlessly integrated, our playlist monitoring and editing feature ensures flawless programming.

Experience the power of live feed recording, capturing every moment for future use. With automated secondary event scheduling and parental guidance logo insertion, never miss a beat in your programming and ensure that viewers are aware of the content suitability. Failover management guarantees uninterrupted broadcasting, while event splitting maximizes content distribution efficiency and accuracy.

Stream Circle comes with intuitive and feature rich user environment

Embrace these cutting-edge enhancements, redefining the way you manage and deliver content to captivate your audience.

Whether you opt for cloud-based or on-premises installation, our comprehensive solution offers a consistent array of features designed to transform your broadcasting experience. Enjoy seamless content management, real-time scheduling, and dynamic graphics integration, ensuring your audience receives top-tier viewing. With both deployment options, you’ll have access to interactive elements, automated failover management, advanced playlist and live event control, and the flexibility to tailor broadcasts to your unique needs.

Whether in the cloud or on your premises, our feature-rich solution guarantees a seamless, efficient, and engaging broadcasting journey.

On top of the playout automation enter Tweenly, a cutting-edge graphics animation tool designed to revolutionize your broadcast graphics using the power of HTML. With its intuitive interface and versatile capabilities, Tweenly empowers broadcasters to create stunning animations that seamlessly integrate with your broadcasts.

Tweenly, feature rich animation broadcast graphics editor and cloud ecosystem