Summer 2024 release

Stream Circle Unveils Advanced Features to Enhance Playout Solution

Stream Circle is thrilled to announce a suite of new features designed to elevate the performance, stability, and scalability of our playout solution. These enhancements ensure that broadcasters can deliver seamless, high-quality content with improved efficiency and reliability. Here’s a closer look at the innovative updates:

Stream Circle Caster Grid

Introducing the Stream Circle Caster Grid, a software-defined stream transcoding and recording tool. This powerful feature is designed to transform any stream format into another, while also providing comprehensive recording capabilities for all streams. The Caster Grid operates independently from the main Stream Circle playout infrastructure but is monitored by the same components, ensuring cohesive management and oversight.

Enhanced Live Feed Control

Our newly implemented live feed control offers detailed monitoring agents that meticulously track traffic, video quality, audio synchronization issues, black frames, and other failures. This feature also includes automated live feed restart capabilities based on predefined conditions and rules, ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality broadcast experiences.

Automated Primary/Secondary Server Handling

To further bolster reliability, Stream Circle now includes automated primary/secondary server handling. This feature leverages monitoring agents to track the behavior of all playout servers, automatically switching between servers as needed. Additionally, it can switch output streams and SDI routings according to predefined conditions, ensuring continuous and error-free broadcasting.

EPG Data Interfaces and APIs

Stream Circle has developed new EPG data interfaces and APIs to facilitate long-term Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data management. This enhancement is based on the schedule data and content metadata stored in the Stream Circle database, offering broadcasters seamless integration and efficient management of programming information.

Comprehensive Component Refactoring

We have undertaken a comprehensive refactoring of the entire Stream Circle ecosystem. This upgrade enhances scalability, stability, and monitoring across all levels, ensuring that our solution can handle growing demands and complex broadcasting environments with ease.


These advancements are designed to enhance the operational stability and scalability of the entire Stream Circle ecosystem across all deployment scenarios. The new playout server technology and live feed handling functions significantly increase operational safety, making Stream Circle the preferred choice for reliable and efficient broadcasting operations.

Discover how these new features can transform your broadcasting experience. Contact us today to learn more about Stream Circle’s cutting-edge playout solution and how it can benefit your operations.