StreamCircle at NAB 2016

10.03.2016 -

What can a visitor expect from the Stream Circle NAB 2016 presentation? Stream Circle is a brand new service for…

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What can a visitor expect from the Stream Circle NAB 2016 presentation?

Stream Circle is a brand new service for Internet channel management and playout control. Its NAB 2016 presentation will show all of its major features and functions as well as providing an opportunity to meet our team members.

Following the interests of our customers and potential clients, the Stream Circle NAB 2016 presentation will feature a demo of four different channel setups – a news channel, a sports station, a music channel and a general movie channel. All of these presentation setups will run on a hardware platform operated at the stand with a local IP stream distribution. The IP streams will be presented on multiple platforms including PCs, set-top-boxes, iOS and Android devices.

All of the above mentioned channels will be showing the Stream Circle functions and features including:

•    web based operator interfaces
•    content management and ingest/transcoding workflow
•    channel playlist editing
•    real-time channel playout to IP
•    multiple video and audio source management
•    primary and secondary graphics and automation
•    graphic and digital video effects

The Stream Circle team members present at the stand will be ready to show its features and discuss their experiences from their ongoing projects. Visitor will certainly find it interesting to discuss and see integration with enterprise traffic solutions, various ingest workflows, dynamic branding support and configuration options together with dynamic commercial content control and reporting for Internet ad-campaigns.

In addition to standard offered options, the Stream Circle team is also going to present a Rio16.tv project offering extra options and project services for the forthcoming Olympic Games. Inline with our experiences, sports channels are among the most successful on the Internet and the Games present a good opportunity to open such a channel quickly and with no additional costs.

Do not forget to book a demo at https://streamcircle.webees.site and come to our stand SU11017 in the South Upper Hall.

StreamCircle at NAB 2016

StreamCircle at NAB 2016

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