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23.08.2019 -

As three weeks remain to the start of the IBC 2019 show, the Stream Circle team is getting ready to…

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As three weeks remain to the start of the IBC 2019 show, the Stream Circle team is getting ready to present its latest developments and projects. Stream Circle can be found on Stand 2.B49 together with the PROVYS enterprise software solutions for broadcast management workflows. What are the biggest news and features to find?

Stream Circle is a software based TV automation and playout platform. When visiting the Stream Circle presentation, you are going to see the structure and principles of our multitenant and multichannel architecture. The presentation will explain how we deal with the software defined environment, which components are running there to ensure robustness and continuity, and how we can deploy a new channel within minutes.

Playout control tools

Newly developed tools are being introduced in the Stream Circle application to provide a comfortable and effective playout operator environment in the HTML5 application.

The playout operator now has a full set of functions and features to control the flow of playout events as controlled by the Stream Circle playlist service running the playout operations. Operations to insert, remove, skip and trim the events are an essential part of all operations. On top of that, the operator is able to change, insert or delete every single secondary event included in the playlist.

Needless to say, the operator control screen is running in a multiuser mode allowing multiple users to control the same playlist.

Automated Metadata Oriented Scheduling

Stream Circle unveils A.M.O.S. – Autonomous Metadata Oriented Scheduling. A.M.O.S. is a rule based AI engine helping broadcasters to build continuous play-lists automatically and autonomously using static and dynamic metadata. Further more, it saves a lot of human effort and workforce. A.M.O.S. is ready to be connected to a MAM and start playing your new channel!

Broadcast operations support

The playout technology implemented by the Stream Circle team has been extended to support the integration of a full spectrum of functions in the traditional SDI infrastructure. SDI signals can now be generated as well as used as live feeds; SDI routers can be controlled either directly or through 3rd party software solutions using the BMD VideoHub protocol.

To ensure broadcast quality outputs to MPEG-TS MainConcept codecs, network senders are now an integral part of the Stream Circle playout server for broadcast operations.

Playout tune-up and monitoring

New tools were introduced recently to extend Stream Circle robustness through new tune-up applications, interfaces and monitoring. All components now use centralised audit-log reporting and notification services to announce any issue met during the playout operations.

A new tuning and monitoring application is provided for operators and monitoring centres to provide immediate information on the playout status and performance. The application can also be used by the playout implementation team to tune-up all the parameters of the playout system to meet the required performance criteria.

To register your attandence at our IBC 2019 presentation at Stand 2.B49, please send us an email to sales@streamcircle.com.

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