Stream Circle demonstrates a complete Television Automation as a Service (TVAaaS) at IBC 2017

29.08.2017 -

Stream Circle IBC 2017 – A Complete Television Workflow At NAB 2017 a client said to us, “lots of companies…

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Stream Circle IBC 2017 – A Complete Television Workflow

At NAB 2017 a client said to us, “lots of companies are offering playout solutions but no one is offering a television workflow complete with delivery and information services.” This comment resonated with us. We knew we could offer such a solution. So at IBC 2017 Stream Circle, is showing a complete end-to-end television workflow solution.

When you visit our stand, you will see a demonstration of all the pieces, together, to form a cohesive workflow as shown in the following diagram.


Stream CIrcle workflow diagram for IBC 2017

Stream Circle sits in the center of the workflow. Our role is that of a muti-channel automation platform which manages all of your media and interfaces. The individual components of the Stream Circle platform consist of:

Content Manager – an internal content management platform to manage static media, live feeds, and placeholders for not-yet-known content. The content processing workflow can also be used to ingest, transcode, and QC incoming media.

Block Planner – create and schedule transmission plans including primary and secondary events, static and dynamic blocks from both static and file-based and live media. Dynamic commercial breaks can also be inserted into the plans.

Multi-Channel Runtime – create multi-channel run-time environment to control multiple channels and ingest points to run channel graphics and playout servers.

Graphics and Playout – assemble all video and audio assets including graphics, HTML templates, and animations for high-performance broadcast graphics and real-time playout to multiple formats and environments

Live Multiviewer – use the integrated multiviewer to preview final streams as well as the individual rendering and media processing stages from the output of video servers, HTML graphics, final templates, and live ingest feeds.

EPG Inserter – an EPG data processing and insertion service is included to insert EIT table data into transport streams using variable APIs. DekTec insertion service will be present at the stand.

Hybrid Commercial Sales Platform – interface with industry popular programmatic sales platforms to provide content for commercial breaks. Use dynamic commercial break APIs to insert and modify commercial content just before its transmission time.

NewTek NDI Integration – produce NDI compatible streams for NewTek workflows and NDI capable devices.

Teracue – produce UDP based transport streams for each audio and video channel.  The platform is also capable of splitting the outgoing transport stream into multiple formats using an internal or external transcoder such as Teracue.

DekTec Transport Stream Multiplexer and DVB Modulator – a UDP based transport stream per channel including video and audio streams is being produced by the Stream Circle. To split the outgoing transport stream into multiple different formats an internal transcoder or external transcoders like Teracue can be used.

All of the above modules are integral to Stream Circle’s complete TVAaaS (TV Automation as a Service) platform and to your success in launching and managing your channels.

Interested in learning more about Stream Circle’s end-to-end television channel workflow solution? Schedule a demonstration with us at IBC 2017 at our stand 3.C18. We look forward to showing you how our platform can help you to launch, automate, and manage your channels.


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