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23.08.2019 -

Stream Circle is introducing Network and Broadcast Edition of its playout automation platform. Stream Circle as a software defined automation…

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Stream Circle is introducing Network and Broadcast Edition of its playout automation platform.

Stream Circle as a software defined automation and playout platform is on the market for years. We are proud pioneers of use cloud for channel automation. During discussions with our clients and partners we’ve been asked multiple times to support clients running traditional Broadcast (SDI based) infrastructure for standard TV broadcast channels as well as new media projects demanding Network (IP based) infrastructure compatible with Internet delivery mechanisms. It is needless to say that these groups are looking similar from longer distances while they are completely different from inside.

The Stream Circle team has decided to address this demand and introduce two specific versions. These software setups comply with requirements originating from either Network or Broadcast infrastructure operators.

Listening to specific needs and expectations of these groups of users the Network and Broadcast Editions are based on the same software architecture while providing different functionalities:

Stream Circle Network EditionStream Circle Broadcast Edition (add-ons)
Content management features
  • Media file upload via application
  • Network media delivery
  • Low-resolution proxy preview
  • Segmentation and trimming
  • Rule-base media ingest workflow
  • Schedule driven media ingest workflow
  • Remote storage content indexing
  • EPG metadata
  • Graphics timelines
Planning features
  • Plans and Blocks
  • Play-list scheduling
  • Automated Metadata Oriented Scheduler
  • On-the fly (last-minute) blocks
Playout features and control
  • Daily play-lists
  • Repeating play-lists
  • Automated Scheduler last-minute updates
  • On-the-fly last-minute block updates
  • Playout operator control tools
  • SDI routing control
Graphics automation features
  • Logos and images
  • Dynamic HTML graphics
  • On-screen texts
  • Video transition effects
  • Digital video effects (squeeze, rotations, PiP, …)
  • Graphics timelines automation
  • VizRT graphics integration
Media and feed formats
  • File based media (MP4, MXF, AVI, MOV, …)
  • IP based live feeds (RTMP, RTSP, UDP)
  • SDI signals
  • NDI feeds
Delivery formats and platforms
  • H.264/265, AAC codecs
  • IP based live feeds (RTMP, RTSP, UDP)
  • VBR codecs
  • Open subtitles
  • SDI signals
  • NDI feeds
  • MPEG-TS unicast/multicast
  • CBR codecs
  • DVB-T bitmap subtitls
Integrations and APIs
  • Public API
  • Schedule import
  • EPG metadata export
  • As-run-log export
  • Event based playout control API
Deployment options
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • On-premise
  • 1+1 redundancy
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Cloud emergency fail-over
Future extensions
  • WebRTC output preview
  • SCTE-35 signals
  • Teletext subtitles
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