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06.09.2017 -

As the commercial sales workflow becomes faster and faster due to a programmatic approach last-minute (and second) changes in the…

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As the commercial sales workflow becomes faster and faster due to a programmatic approach last-minute (and second) changes in the automation play-list are required to accommodate the spots sold just in time. Stream Circle has developed and is going to present its solution supporting dynamic and last-second commercial content in its broadcast automation during the IBC 2017 show.

The dynamic commercial breaking workflow starts in the planning stage when a list of commercial breaks is offered to the sales process and planned within the transmission plan.

A time slot for the commercial content is booked in the transmission plan, but the content is not specified yet. Stream Circle offers two processing workflows for commercial breaks – static and on-the-fly blocks. The first one runs through available content of the breaks at the time of play-list initiation – the content of the breaks is uploaded into the play-list at this time and remains unchanged. But is is not what we want from a really dynamic solution at all.

The second approach keeps the breaks unspecified until the last moment while the automation workflow waits for the last updated content of every break to be filled just before its transmission time:

When running a play-list the dashboard presents the not yet generated block as a time slot identifying the break by its id (see CB_20170823)

Just before its transmission time, the automation workflow uploads content of the break into the play-list and reschedules the current time-line accurately according to the new content:

Dynamically specified content of commercial breaks is reported in an as-run-log as any other content played by the Stream Circle automation using identifications provided as part of the commercial content.

Actual content of the commercial breaks can be edited manually or uploaded into the Stream Circle platform using its APIs. Fully documented commercial break import API is provided as part of the solution including templates and code snippets.

The dynamic block content can not only be used for last-second commercials, it is also useful for repeated breaks, promotions and other stuff included into the play-lists repeatedly. Their use simplifies the play-list editing and provides additional level of flexibility to the schedulers and play-list operators.

Are you interested in such a solution? Do not hesitate and book a demo with us on our stand 3.C18. We are looking forward to see you soon.

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