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02.03.2018 -

IPTV challenge Those brave entrepreneurs who have decided to run an IPTV or OTT platform, face serious challenges today. As…

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IPTV challenge

Those brave entrepreneurs who have decided to run an IPTV or OTT platform, face serious challenges today. As unique content on the global market becomes more and more expensive, most channels and channel packages look almost the same or at least very similar. In addition, competitors who offer terrestrial, satellite and cable platforms offer lower and lower prices, which make it difficult for newcomers to succeed.

Taking a closer look at those players who stay profitable even in these hard conditions, we can find two common features, which, no doubt, have a direct influence on their success: decreasing the cost of running their infrastructure and acquiring new viewers through premium content offer.

Whilst building one’s own infrastructure is always a long term investment, premium content is faster to acquire, but programmes such as Hollywood films, famous TV shows or popular sport events are extremely expensive.

Get the content …

Naturally, one would ask, if there is some other inexpensive content which could attract your viewers to buy your services. We at Stream Circle believe there is plenty of such content available, especially on the internet. Furthermore, we are convinced that the key is to blend all data sources into a visually attractive video feed using a smart platform.

Let us name some of the available data sources. Every city generates a lot of video material, usually provided by local government or tourist organisations. There are many cameras pointed at historic monuments, sport venues, recreation areas, beautiful landscapes, parks, zoos etc. These video sources may form the blocks.

Most cities are now equipped with advanced systems providing locations and delays in public transport, traffic jam signals and other useful information. These sensing systems publish their outputs on the internet, offering another interesting scope of data. Last but not least, there are cultural and sport programmes, cinema schedules & film reviews, city & restaurant guides, most of them available for free or for a very low price. On top of all of this, people share their experience on social networks.

… blend the content into IPTV video feed …

Stream Circle offers a smart platform which is able to combine all the types of information sources you need. Stream Circle is your TV Automation As a Service. We are ready to help you to create attractive channels, putting your local data sources together, adding visually attractive graphics, and deploying the channels in your infrastructure or providing them from the cloud.

… and let your users enjoy new attractive channel

The channels are fully automated but if you wish to control them manually, the system can be completely managed by an operator.

We would be happy to give you a demonstration of Stream Circle system and offer you free access to the platform for a testing period.

Request a free demo account here.

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