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05.08.2016 -

Following successful presentation on NAB 2016 Stream Circle is going to show its cloud IP playout solution and service on IBC…

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Following successful presentation on NAB 2016 Stream Circle is going to show its cloud IP playout solution and service on IBC 2016 on booth 3.C14. To introduce ourselves we are presenting four reasons to come and see the product and its functionality during the show.

Expansion of distribution capacity due to improved digital technologies

The space available to broadcasters is steadily growing as digital distribution and encoding technologies are being improved regularly. As a broadcaster your intention is to keep your market share. Additional channels must thus be open for nearly zero or very small additional cost. Stream Circle is a perfect solution for such channels providing high quality results for low opex costs accompanied by an opportunity to avoid HW and SW investment capex costs at all.

Transition to the IP enabled workflows

The current trend of SDI to IP transition is unavoidable. Current workflows are being replaced by IP enabled technologies working either with Internet protocols or with real-time standards like NDI. Stream Circle is an IP solution from its beginning, it is able to produce and read IP streams natively including Internet standards like HLS, IPTV standards like MPEGTS or NDI. On top of that Stream Circle is able to ready and produce SDI signals as well and may thus be a bridge between the SDI and IP world as well.

IPTV broadcasting, Internet streaming, HbbTV streaming

The current audience is shifting from the traditional TV set watching to Internet connected mobile devices. Nevertheless a lot of content is spent in a linear way, i.e. if talking about live sports events and news. Hot topic of last years – Slow TV – enhanced by on-line information from various sources is also very popular. A solution capable to produce live IP streams, provide on-line graphics, combine live feeds with file content, plug to the ad-insertion solutions and provide reports is needed. Stream Circle is the answer for such a need as it provides all of these features.

Transition from HW centric to SW centric architecture

Modern media operations and workflows are steadily transformed from HW centric infrastructures to SW centric architectures. The advantages are undisputable – faster feature updates, more options for software selection, bigger numbers of product developers, standardized workflow integrations, better support, and lower costs. SaaS solutions are adding opex only costs on top of the above mentioned advantages, not talking about minimization of administration, operations and other costs and resources required to run the systems. The media house or broadcaster may thus concentrate itself on the quality of the media service, the environment and systems may be run by companies specializing on the run-time environment for multiple operations. Stream Circle is provided as an SaaS solution providing options to switch it on and off on a monthly basis.

Visit us at IBC!

You can schedule meeting with us at IBC 2016 using the following form. Each registered visitor of our booth has an unique chance to win one of five Fitbit Alta fitness wristbands! See you at IBC 2016!

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