What is TVaaS (and How Does it Benefit My Video Content Today and Tomorrow)

16.01.2018 -

TV as a service offers is as the acronym implies a service that simplifies the delivery of TV content via…

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TV as a service offers is as the acronym implies a service that simplifies the delivery of TV content via the cloud. It enables experienced TV professionals and content owners with little to no broadcasting skills to package, brand, and deliver content to viewers.

So what exactly is TVaaS?

TV as a service has unlimited broadcasting capabilities. It processes and delivers content to viewers via the cloud to any device, regardless of location. Convenience for those packaging the content and those consuming the content.

All of this is provided by Stream Circle’s TVaaS without the need of technical skills. It is a service and provides the power of the broadcaster to any company or individual that lack the technical equipment and skills of major TV stations. TVaaS is the Airbnb of TV broadcasting. It is a platform available everywhere.

TVaaS enables content owners to provide unique viewing experiences anyplace any time. (without compromising broadcasting to video on demand.) VoD has benefits for sure, but it is limited in delivering advertising and it does – as proven over time – become rather boring. As cloud services will take over traditional broadcasting methods, broadcasters themselves will come to realise, that the whole programming scheme can change and evolve with their viewers demands.

So why is TVaaS a benefit and advantage to producing and delivering content to both the skilled and unskilled broadcaster?
TVaaS provides a complete broadcasting workflow prepared for the 21st century. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Playout
Think of this as the very basic stream which flows data on the IP channel.

2. Delivery
Enables you to deliver your playout on the desired device. This usually takes a lot of technical fiddling and requires skilled staff. TVaaS makes this possible for total broadcast beginners.

3. Information services
Data! This is crucial if you want to use your broadcasting service as an opportunity to increase popularity of your other sources. It allows any text, bugs, lower thirds, image, or branding to overlay the playout. This can be used for live scoring updates, breaking news, weather, calls to action or anything information relevant to your content. Again. Typically, in a major TV broadcasting network, this would take a whole department of experts with expensive additional software and hardware to make it perfect. TVaaS makes it easy to integrate and control for anyone.

TVaaS is the next step evolution point for TV broadcasting. At Stream Circle’s cloud based tools and platform will have you and your programs broadcasting to your viewers in no time at all. Contact us to find out how we do it.

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