How is Your Broadcast Cloud Journey? Not There Yet?

11.12.2017 -

At IBC 2017, Stream Circle introduced a complete end-to-end television service workflow we refer to as TVaaS – TV Automation…

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At IBC 2017, Stream Circle introduced a complete end-to-end television service workflow we refer to as TVaaS – TV Automation as a Service. What is unique or different about Stream Circle‘s TVaaS? Other companies offer playout only, our’s goes beyond that and includes delivery and information services making it easy and economical to increasing your broadcastinc capitlites – all from the cloud.

It was one of the most talked about topics at IBC 2017 – how to move video content into cloud. The reality is it has moved beyond a question and is now a reality for anyone dealing with video content. Media analytic Aditya Kishore states that: “For Pay-TV vendors, moving to the cloud appears to be an imperative. Almost all the major providers of IPTV platforms are stressing their ability to deliver services from the cloud, and highlighting their platform-as-a-service (PaaS) credentials.”

Are you being left behind?

More than 25% of broadcasters have already made the move to the cloud and the adoption by others is swift. One of the last announced broadcasting companies depending on IP and cloud is for example NBCUniversal. Are you part of the 75% who is still waiting?

So what are the real reasons for the move to the cloud?

According to Kishore “The shift to the cloud is driven by a number of factors. Firstly, the increasing interest in virtualization in the telecom world is making network managers look at a growing number of functions and ask, ‘why can’t we virtualize that?’ As functions are virtualized, the cloud offers scalability and flexibility in ways facilities-based services don’t.” (Read entire article here)

Stream Circle makes the move easy

This is where Stream Circle’s TVAaaS platform can help you to achieve your flexible and scalable workflow goals. We take complex infrastructure solutions like content management, playout, delivery and information services and move it to cloud. And the best part? It is easy-to-use, quick to launch and more cost effective than a traditional facilities-based setup. Stream Circle’s TVaaS includes intuitive tools for content management, graphics creation, and scheduling to easily prepare, launch and run your own 24/7 channels.

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