It’s time for brands to think like TV networks

15.02.2017 -

As the TV industry continues cutting operational costs globally, TV professionals will start looking for a change of career. As…

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As the TV industry continues cutting operational costs globally, TV professionals will start looking for a change of career. As impossible as it may seem, new opportunities will arise in global enterprises that have little in common with the TV industry. Just as journalists now work in major companies outside the media industry, TV professionals will become a part of corporate teams doing the same work as before: opening new TV streams.

Major brands have already started broadcasting their own TV channels – a trend which is anything but likely to decline. Clearly, having a continuous broadcast has advantages both in controlled content and length of exposure for hard-sell advertising. Brands like Red Bull or Jyske Bank have already started broadcasting online 24 hours a day. They are big and determined, which makes them market pioneers. But as broadcasting turns to cloud technology it becomes cheaper and easier for smaller enterprises to get in the game. Soon branded TVs will be an everyday reality.

In order to speed up the process, brands should already start thinking like TV stations. It’s all about answering two fundamental questions. First, what video content is relevant to the brand and appealing to the audience at the same time? Second, how to broadcast the channel outside the organization?

The TV program has to be built around your audience. A never-ending stream of 30 second TV commercials will simply not work. Brands have to think outside the realm of everyday operations and create an entirely new world. If it’s LEGO then it’s the world of youthful imagination. If it’s Jyske Bank then it’s the world of finance and stock news. If it’s TESLA then it’s the world of the future. A big idea enables organizations to create content that lasts forever, not just for one campaign.

The question of broadcasting is more complex. Major companies need to adopt new HR strategies and start talking to TV professionals. It is much more than just putting videos on YouTube. A full-scale professional TV channel needs TV professionals who have dealt with broadcasting issues their entire careers. A great team can ensure a bug-free, professional looking stream.

The place to meet such professionals is NAB in Las Vegas. The show has the biggest concentration of TV professionals in the world. For any organization that is serious about broadcast, it’s a great place to meet and learn from the people in charge.

The professionals you seek have job titles like “director of broadcasting” or “chief technology officer.” With the right team in place, your broadcasting strategy will be both feasible and sustainable.

While at NAB also don’t forget to stop by our booth SU6710. We are happy to talk in detail about branded TVs and will show you how we can help put your broadcast on the cloud. Together with your new team, we can start your TV channel in a matter of days while keeping budgets under control.

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