Stream Circle & Slovak Telekom: the case study

09.03.2017 -

Slovak Telekom, Slovak brand of one of the biggest telco groups in Europe, T-Mobile, together with a team from Kabel…

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Slovak Telekom, Slovak brand of one of the biggest telco groups in Europe, T-Mobile, together with a team from Kabel Plus have joined forces with Stream Circle to build a more creative, fresh and modern info-channel within the already-running MAGIO service, an IPTV platform.


Why Stream Circle?

The client’s decision to choose Stream Circle as a solution was based on strong arguments. Mainly, it was our flexibility in delivering an existing input feed with a reliable and effective cloud playout solution. For the client it meant less time and effort needed for scheduling and, from a planning point of view, also a consistent workflow to start and manage each feed with simple system integration. Last but not least Stream Circle offers the possibility of combining videos with live inputs, all packed in an attractive graphic layout.


How about the technical parameters?

  • HD playout system with complete system redundancy
  • 24 x 7 x 365 playout management and detailed monitoring
  • Able to combine several live inputs with video files
  • Supports major standard video output formats and HW interfaces
  • Able to ingest multiple original video formats
  • Facility for delivering CBR output
  • Allows display of secondary graphics from dynamic playlist information
  • Offers VFX, 3D and DVE effects
  • Simple to adapt the workflow for internal operation teams


Ok, but how fast was it?

Super-fast! Stream Circle implemented its cutting edge IP playout to address Kabel Plus and Slovak Telekom’s requirements in just 4 weeks.


System Integration and installation? Piece of cake!

We ensured the CBR bitrate by integrating the Teracue Encoder and integrated this solution with Slovak Telekom’s distribution headends. For quality monitoring, we chose the Stream Expert solution.

Installation and setup of the playout solution were done in the private cloud at the headend location. We also provided setup and configuration of the playout application, and everything else – including the ingest server, monitoring tools and graphics – was configured to match Kabel Plus’s needs. In the end we trained the clients operators to use Stream Circle playout solution.



Also thanks to the Circle Stream playout system, Slovak Telekom (in partnership with Kabel Plus) has enriched its programme portfolio with another TV channel, through which Slovak Telekom has the ability to disseminate more information about the programme and television channels to a wider spectrum of viewers. In this manner, Slovak Telekom / Kabel Plus have extended the new features of the digital Magio TV, to 300,000 households in the Slovak Republic.


What is Stream Circle in a Nutshell?

Stream Circle is a rapidly developing and feature-rich service for IP playout automation. As a cloud service, it is easily accessible from any location or device, robust and resilient, as well as highly flexible to satisfy any internet TV channel needs and expectations. Stream Circle is a tool which helps create TV  automation; users can completely plan the programme and insert any attractive graphics. The programme is scheduled, along with the rendered 3D graphics delivery, over an IP stream to the platform, which provides distribution to the end-user.

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