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14.06.2017 -

As the NAB 2017 show has provided us with many interesting hints to enhance our product features we are continuing…

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As the NAB 2017 show has provided us with many interesting hints to enhance our product features we are continuing its development with a great gusto to respond to the requirements of the market. Please find some of new features listed below. We are also working on our product roadmap for the next 12 months, we may already indicate that dynamic ad-insertion, MPEG-TS data services (EPG, HbbTV) and multi-component media asset management features will be included.

Multi-channel control and operations support

Stream Circle is now supporting channel grouping in a multi-channel operation proving a level to operate multiple channel groups in a single environment as well as to run multiple-channels in a single group. The Channel-group is sharing media, graphical templates, access rights and other settings to speed up channel operations.

Media content segmentation

Media files uploaded and managed by the Stream Circle content management may now included segmentation data editable in the Stream Circle application. The segmentation metadata may also be uploaded and modified through the media content API.

The media segments can be easily used to schedule the play-lists on both planning and scheduling level. The planning and scheduling screens are offering full media or segmented media for the planners and schedulers.

Dynamic HTML5 rendering

Stream Circle has an integrated HTML5 rendering engine including JavaScript execution and triggers to control the HTML5 scenes.

The HTML5 scenes can be static or animted, SVG graphics is supported as well, JavaScript control and animation libraries can be easily used via triggering API. The HTML5 and JavaScript execution is fully sand-boxed from the real-time graphics engine to protect the core broadcasting operations.



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