Broadcast system integrators turn into services

23.02.2017 -

Broadcasting integration services have been based upon a rather straightforward model. Planning and budgeting – hardware purchase – integration. This…

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Broadcasting integration services have been based upon a rather straightforward model. Planning and budgeting – hardware purchase – integration. This paradigm has been set up to satisfy the needs of broadcasting networks as well as integration providers. But the advancement of IP services as IT services globally move to cloud based models, this paradigm is about to change.

As with any industry, the broadcast industry must evolve. The broadcast integration industry will not be the first nor the last to change its business model and shift to monthly fee based invoicing based on more service and less broadcast specific expensive hardware. Also with fixed monthly fees financial departments will appreciate a much better financial planning, while reducing CAPEX. The benefits on the side of the TV broadcast integrator are also evident. Better cash flow, scalable solutions, maximum use of hardware power and higher value added.

Turning into cloud based services will not happen overnight. But it is achievable. If Rolls-Royce was able to do it in the aviation industry, there is no reason to believe, that the broadcast industry could not follow.

So where should a systems integrator begin? Here is a to-do list for broadcast systems integrator in order to start selling services and change the business model to retainer based invoicing as put together by our team at Stream Circle:


  1. Sell to management, C-Level, and Marketing

Switching to cloud based solutions could be a stressful change of mindset for some TV engineers technicians. But for the management of broadcast facilities houses it is the ideal way forward. Prepare your business model arguments for senior managers as the first step. Don’t forget to discuss their ROI value. It will take some time, before the idea really melts into the organization.


  1. Buy cloud solutions

The best way to integrate cloud based services is to offer ready made cloud based solutions, rather than investing into developing cloud systems on your own. The cloud market is expanding and TV broadcasting solutions already exist on the market, including our product.


  1. Recruit IT professionals

Having skilled IT people on the team will become your number one priority in order to offer customer care as part of your monthly retainer. This is a complicated task, because you need to recruit talent from the IT world and less so in the TV industry. But get used to it, it’s new reality of the industry.


  1. Think globally, remove restrictions

The cloud service – if done correctly – doesn’t need your on site presence at all time. Expand your audience globally via the cloud and online video. This creates an enormous opportunity for your income increase and generating new revenue streams quickly and cost effectively.

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